Being a father is being able to be an unconditional hero, a guardian and the most faithful admirer of your children, so in this month we want to celebrate all the parents inviting them to spend a moment unparalleled in our premises.
– June 14, friday: Cali, Pereira, Tulúa, Bogotá and Barranquilla at 5:00 PM


A person as special as you are deserves all the happiness and fun in the world! Celebrate this important day with us.
– June 20, tuesday: Pereira Aladdin and Bogota Aladdin at 6:00 PM
– June 28, friday: Cosmocentro Cali and Mi Tierra Cali at 6:00 PM
– June 29, saturday: Cali, Tulúa and Barranquilla Aladdin at 5:00 PM
An evening full of surprises, special attention for the honorees and the fun that characterizes us. We are waiting for you!